What We Do

Name of Project:

Promotion of Standardized Methodology in the Comparison of Military Expenditures


UNLIREC helps States to develop and apply standardized methodologies in comparing military expenditures or defence spending based on the premise that such measures can contribute to a reduction in the danger of armed conflict and miscalculations of military activities that could give rise to apprehension and a variety of unpredictable reactions on the part of some States. This project relies heavily on the 1980 UN standardized instrument for reporting military expenditures.

Target Group:

Government entities (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Security, etc.)


  • Build confidence and increase transparency in defence- and security-related matters both within and among States by contributing to greater openness in military matters.
  • Facilitate regional cooperation and coordination vis-à-vis the implementation of standardized measures.
  • Contribute to conflict prevention.
  • Promote States to report to the UN standardized instrument for reporting military expenditures.