Project:   Inter-Institutional Course on Combating Illicit Firearms Trafficking (IITC)
Description:   The IITC is UN-LiREC’s trademark training course designed to build the capacities of Latin American and Caribbean States to implement international instruments in the area of firearms control, including the UN 2001 PoA on Small Arms and the International Tracing Instrument. By enhancing the technical knowledge and practical techniques of a wide range of mid-level law enforcement officials, these “first responders” are better equipped to combat the illicit trafficking in firearms, ammunition and explosives and prevent the diversion of legal weapons into the illicit market.

The IITC is a comprehensive 10-day course (7.5 days of theory and 2.5 days of practical exercise in the field), which focuses on  providing participants with technical skills, such as basic concepts related to the identification of firearms, ammunition and explosives,  and the appropriate and gradual use of force and practical disarmament measures, as well as with over-arching security-related concepts, such as national, regional and human security, human rights, gender, and youth.

A virtual forum for instructors and participants is available at This forum serves as a follow-up and information exchange tool for instructors, experts, organizers and participants taking part in UN-LiREC-developed IITCs. The objectives are to provide additional ad hoc assistance to participants and institutions on course-related issues; support professional networks on course-related topics; and follow-up on the professional development of participants in their fight against illicit firearms trafficking. Each section of the forum is moderated by a UN-LiREC staff member.

Governments are urged by UN-LiREC to guarantee a minimum female participation of 25%. As of November 2010, UN-LiREC offers a specialized training course aimed at female law enforcement officers on investigative techniques to prevent illicit firearms trafficking
Transfer practical knowledge and skills immediately applicable to participants professional responsibilities to combat illicit firearms trafficking
Stimulate and encourage inter-institutional communication and collaboration to combat illicit firearms at the operational level
Provide a standardized course format and materials that national government partners can easily replicate after receiving initial training and assistance
Promote the integration of course material on illicit firearms into the national curricula of law enforcement training academies and institutes
Activities:   Since 2004, UN-LiREC, in collaboration with its partners, has undertaken over 45 national and sub-regional IITC courses throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region. List of 2004-2010 courses List of courses
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  IITC Training Manual
The second version of the "Inter-institutional Training Course on Combating Illicit Firearms Trafficking" (IITC) Manual provides the law enforcement participant with both the theoretical and technical orientation necessary to address illicit firearms trafficking through the entire law enforcement cycle beginning with the process of gathering intelligence and concluding with the presentation of evidence in criminal proceedings. If interested in receiving an electronic version of the IITC Manual, please submit a written request to:   

United Nations Development Programme  

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