UNLIREC's mandate

UNLIREC forms part of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) and is headquartered in Lima, Peru. Its main function is to translate the commitments of Member States in the field of disarmament, arms control and WMD non-proliferation into action in the field. The activities of UNLIREC cover 33 countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Objective of UNLIREC's Internship Programme

The objective of the internship is to give students a first-hand impression of the day-to-day working environment and mandate of UNLIREC. Students will have the opportunity to engage directly with outstanding and inspiring career professionals and work towards advancing the UN peace and security agenda through practical disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation activities in the region.

Students may choose to form part of UNLIREC's project team by applying for an internship to either the Public Security Programme or the Non-proliferation and Arms Control Instruments Programme. Or, if the students' interests lie in administrative areas, then an internship within UNLIREC's Executive Office may be more suitable. Finally, for those carrying out studies in international relations, policy-making, communications or translation, the Office of the Director also welcomes internship applications.

To access a description of available internships, please click here.
Typical work-related tasks may include:
  • Conducting research on peace, security and disarmament;
  • Drafting documents on themes related to the mandate of the Regional Centre;
  • Writing news articles and press releases to showcase UNLIREC's work in the field;
  • Translating reports, documents, articles from Spanish-English/English-Spanish;
  • Cataloguing data and statistical information, best practices, lessons-learned;
  • Helping to organize courses, conferences, for and/or other special events; and/or
  • Conducting various administrative tasks.

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Requirements for eligibility

Eligible students must:

  • Be enrolled in a Master's or Ph.D. programme at the time of carrying out the internship in order to be eligible.
  • Commit to six-month internships, however UNLIREC may consider internships for shorter durations under exceptional circumstances.
  • Have good command of both English and Spanish (written and spoken).
  • Note:Certain internships may be conducted ex situ (for students pursuing an interest in translation work, specialized research project, etc.).

    How to Apply

    Students interested in participating in UNLIREC's Internship Programme are invited to fill out and return the documents below to cowl@unlirec.org

    Deadlines for applications are:

    January - June placements:

    • First phase: between 01 July and 15 September
    • Second phase: between 16 September and 15 November

    July - December placements:

    • Third phase: between 01 January and 15 March
    • Fourth phase: between 16 March and 31 May

    Note: Applications on a rolling basis will be considered for students whose academic calendar is not based on a semester system.