Project:   Firearms Destruction and Stockpile Management
Description:   UN-LiREC supports States in increasing their technical and physical capacity in destroying surplus weapons, ammunition and explosives, improving stockpile safety and security, and in using inventory management (record keeping) tools in compliance with international best practices and standards. States may choose to adopt all elements offered in UN-LiREC’s comprehensive assistance package or, on the contrary, opt for tailor-made elements.

The assistance package is comprised of the following:

Needs field assessment mission
Best practices workshop
National Action Plan
Local weapons collection
Firearms destruction
Stockpile management
Record keeping (Integrated Weapons Management System - SIGA)
Firearms awareness and risk prevention campaigns
Assist States in the accelerated collection, storage and/or destruction of surplus, decommissioned and confiscated firearms, ammunition, and explosives
Improve the security of stockpile management facilities
Build the capacity of law enforcement officials using international standards and best practices
Sensitize citizens to the risks associated with the proliferation of firearms
Assist States in fulfilling their treaty obligations
Mitigate risk of firearms, ammunition and explosives’ loss, theft and diversion to organized crime
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  Manual de Mejores Prácticas de Destrucción de Armas de Fuego