Project:   Promoting Disarmament Instruments
Description:   UN-LiREC builds capacities for the universalization and implementation of various disarmament-related instruments at both the national and sub-regional levels. In addition to increasing awareness of the instrument, UN-LiREC highlights the obligations and benefits of improving its implementation and/or adherence and provides technical advice and assistance in the elaboration of a feasible plan of action for its implementation.

The advocacy and awareness-raising initiative is comprised of the following:

Advocacy and outreach seminars and workshops
Technical assistance in the elaboration of national action plans for implementation
Dissemination of material on the relevance of disarmament instruments to the region
Increase debate at the national level on the importance of and the “how to” of implementing a particular disarmament instrument
Identify countries’ specificities and needs for improved implementation in order to provide the right assistance
Provide best practices and lessons-learnt on how best to assist implementation
Enhance national capacities and establishi and/or foster national dialogue and regional processes for universality and implementation
Provide expert advice to national decision-makers
Activities:   List of activities
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