Project:   Firearms Destruction and Stockpile Management Assistance Package for Caribbean States – Phase II

Phase II of UN-LiREC’s Firearms Destruction and Stockpile Management Assistance Package will support implementation of the eight national action plans elaborated during Phase One of the project. The primary purpose of these plans is to: (a) propose and support concrete measures to improve the security of national stockpile facilities; (b) facilitate the prompt destruction of surplus, obsolete and confiscated firearms, ammunition and explosives; and (c) strengthen the capacity of the national security sector to do both.
Phase II will continue targeting the eight Phase I Caribbean States: Belize, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The Bahamas, and Trinidad and Tobago, and will also expand its scope to undertake national baseline assessments in three new Caribbean States, similar to those conducted during Phase I.

Phase II of the assistance package is comprised of the following:

Technical and financial assistance to carry out FD&SM-related initiatives, ensuring that international standards and best practices are applied in all interventions
Strengthen inter-institutional coordination for the effective implementation of national action plans focused on FD&SM
Build national capacities to undertake FD&SM
Accelerate the implementation of the FD&SM-related international agreements by facilitating the harmonization of the national legislation with those instruments
Increase knowledge on the status of registration, collection and destruction of State surplus and obsolete firearms and ammunition
Raise awareness on international standards and frameworks for FD&SM-related initiatives
Reduce the availability and amounts of firearms in circulation
Enhance the security and management of national stockpile facilities
Transfer to national authorities practical, standardized knowledge and skills immediately applicable to firearms destruction and stockpile management
Facilitate inter-institutional coordination and cooperation among national entities responsible for combating the illicit trade in firearms, both at the policy and operational levels
Support the harmonization of the national legal framework  related to firearms in line with the international  agreements, considering new phenomena such as the growth of the private security industry
Continue to obtain insightful needs-based information on the status of weapons and ammunition as this relates to firearms destruction and stockpile management in the Caribbean
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