Project:   Armed Violence Reduction and Prevention
Description:   UN-LiREC assists Member States in their efforts to integrate programs aimed at reducing armed violence and preventing conflict into comprehensive institutional frameworks, public policies, and national, regional and multilateral development plans and strategies and provides Member States with a platform for the exchange of best practices on how best to implement relevant international instruments. In this connection, the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development (2006), the Guatemala Regional Declaration on Armed Violence and Development (2007) and the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms (2001) also serve as orientation and guiding tools in UN-LiREC’s efforts to provide substantial support to Member States.

The information exchange initiative is achieved vis-à-vis the hosting of sub-regional and/or regional seminars whereby participants – representing a gama of multi-sectoral institutions – are broken down into four working groups according to themes: (a) male and female youth affected by armed violence (with special focus on maras, gender roles and the construction of masculinity, etc.); (b) armed violence in border areas (associated with trans-border crime and illicit trafficking); (c) armed violence and citizen security at the local level (with a particular focus on urban and semi-urban violence); and (d) the role of the security firms and the private sector in armed violence. During these working group sessions, participants elaborate road maps for the elaboration of strategies and programmes, which are presented upon finalization of the seminar.
Share experiences and lessons-learned in the development and implementation of armed violence prevention policies, strategies and programmes
Develop road-maps for the elaboration of armed violence prevention programmes
Bridge the gap between the security and development sectors for the development of policies aimed at preventing and reducing armed violence
Increase the inter-regional cooperation among governments, international organizations, and civil society and development cooperation agencies
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