Project:   Enhancing Public Security through Crime Prevention and Firearms Control in the Andean Region
Description:   This integral assistance package was created to facilitate the effective implementation of national, regional and international firearms instruments, through the strengthening of national firearms control measures, as well as enhancing law enforcement community outreach and prevention activities. It is important to note that although the assistance package focuses on the delivery of national assistance, the implementation of standardized measures will further facilitate regional cooperation and coordination.

The activities will be implemented within the following assistance framework:

Research: conduct national diagnostic research on firearms and  assess current State capacities and needs
Advocacy: raise the visibility of peace, security and disarmament issues and instruments by providing mechanisms, forums and tools aimed at disseminating these concepts and instruments
Legal and policy assistance: provide advice and support to enhance capacity development, at the local and national level, within the legal and policy-making areas
Law enforcement capacity-building and technical assistance: develop regional training initiatives for national governmental focal points, the law enforcement community and appropriate institutions and organizations on disarmament issues
Increase the capacity and expertise of the law enforcement community to better control the legal firearms trade and prevent its illicit trafficking through standardized training, with particular emphasis on border security
Strengthen the long-term, self-sustaining national capacities of policy-makers in combating illicit firearms trafficking through the elaboration of national action plans and the harmonization of legislation, furthering the implementation of relevant national and international firearms instruments (UN 2001 PoA, UN Firearms Protocol, CIFTA)
Build local (municipal) capacity for targeted firearms and community policing and community security services
Promote the creation of opportunities for multi-sectoral approaches and coordination for the inclusion of armed violence prevention and reduction, and the integration of a culture of peace into the public agendas of local and State governments
Increase the availability of baseline information on the impact of armed violence on the Andean Region
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